Short and Sweet :)

I’ve been away for what seems like forever!  I hope to be back this week end though.  Trying to kick this latest bug I’ve had so I can finish my January commitments.  This isn’t much, but I shall return! Hugs:)

Moira from The Quilted Snails BOM

I’ve been away from my sewing machine far too long and thanks to my dear friend Susan’s support, Moira’s awesome BOM’s I’m going to get back to it.  It’s been a rough couple of years, but I’m pretty much as back to “normal” (whatever that is!lol) as I can.  I’ll continue with my PT exercises and that will help a lot.  Anyway, here’s the first block I’m going to start with.  Check out Moira’s Blog, The Quilted Snail


September block posted
The September block for my Block-of-the-Month has been posted.

I named it Lantern because it reminded me of paper Chinese lanterns that are often used in the summer time to light up patios after dark.

You can find the link to the pattern here –

The Quilted Snail

She is such a gifted quilter, seamstress and sooo much more. Not to mention the kind of friend I’m so grateful God put in my life. :)

Links Didn’t Work

The links I put up to get to “Be Prepared Channel” and “Chef Tess Bakeress 52 Methods” did not work. Thanks to a friend of mine (thank you Susan:) ) I was able to correct it. So now both links are working and I’d love it if you stopped by them both and see the wonderful information to share. HUGZ:) to all.

A New Food Storage Site




If you want to learn about Long Term Food Storage using A Vacuum Sealer and Canning  Jars just go here

      Be Prepared Channel Food- storage-vacuum-canning-in-jars



She has an excellent Tutorial on how to do it and some things to look out for.  She’ll be putting a video Tutorial  up later.  Check it out, she makes it look so easy ( which it is) instead  of overwhelming.

There are other sites too where you can learn how to prepare  Meals In A Jar ( they’re great and require adding water only!)


Chef Tess Bakeress 52-Meals-In-Jar

Quilting & Baking & Schedule

Originally this blog started out as being mostly a quilt blog. Well, as you can see, that seems to have changed a bit, so I need to do some prioritizing.  My first love is quilting and my second is baking, so I’ve decided I need to figure out some kind of balance here:). Tues. and Fri. are pretty much out because we go to Sacramento to clean house.  Those would be good planning days and  laundry days.  I think Mon would be a good day to plan the week and organize what I’m going to do plus do my grocery shopping.  Also a good day to bake as that’s not as time consuming as quilting. (Usually lol)  I always try to set up my doctor and physical therapy days on Wed so that would be a good day to look over things and make sure I’m on schedule (or a facsimile of a schedule). Thursdays definitely a sewing day, also Sat. Sunday’s of course for church.  Somewhere in there I need to clean house, the good fairy doesn’t here anymore:( that will be to fill in the spots in between and shoot for one room a day). So any feedback would be appreciated’ how do you schedule your days? Or do you wing it? Do you have any kind of routine?