Succulents! How fun are they?

Hello again😁 I think i’m Back again, for a while anyway.

Have you grown succulents before?  I haven’t until now, and sure am enjoying it.  There are sooo many beautiful plants, i’m In awe. You don’t water them too often, and they seem to flourish. Well, most of the time, but not always, they are pretty easy if you treat them like succulents and not violets.  😉. There some awesome sites to visit to get a ton of information, as well as find out the name of the ones you have. I didn’t know the botanical names, and most common names.  Hens n Chicks I know, String of Pearls and probably about half a dozen more. Lol  So you can tel I’m a genuine “ New…Newbie” lol, that’s why I thought it would be fun to write a little so I can go back and see where I am compared to where I was.

Here’s a few pics of some of my attempts at propagating.   I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. 😁

As you can see they’re quite small, those are 2×2 inch pots they’re in. They are slow growing, so it takes time them to get larger.  The baby plants  make beautiful small pot arrangements, you can put them in a tiny cup or if they’re large enough, into a tea cup. In groups or individually , not all get large, some are mini’s and baby plants are too fun.😁 in a nutshell i’m having  some fun for the first time in ages.  Just put “Succulent “ in your search and the information you can find is endless, not to mention, succulent bloggers are awesome.


6 thoughts on “Succulents! How fun are they?

  1. Oh geez, just what I need…another hobby to get interested in!! I’m off to google succulents!! Totally blaming you, just so you know!!

    • OMG Succulents are so addictive. You’ll find they may get expensive ( only because you fall in love with all the varieties). So put propagating succulents in your search and you’ll find tons of help. If you’re on Twitter, there are a ton of people with gorgeous plants, all different varieties. I was blown away.

  2. Great to see you on here again! I have a Jade plant/tree going on it’s 8th year now. I’ve started a few from cuttings I trimmed, and it probably needs a bigger pot, but I’m scared to death to transplant it. LOL I’m going to see if I can pay a nursery to do it, because it’s so large now. It was a cutting from a 40-year old plant when I bought it. Fran used to have a hedge of them at her house, when I first met her. I wanted to live in SoCal so I could have one, too. It probably took 25 years to grow, though!

    • Really? The Jades I sent you didn’t make it? Awwww. Don’t pay a nursery to plant it. It’s really easy. Just get a larger pot and buy succulent and cactus potting soil. Take it out of the pot, work some of the dirt off the roots and pot it. That’s all there is to it. The Jade is a pretty hardy plant. I’m propagating some now. 😁

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