Fall’s Almost Here

Here I am again with the weather forecast, lol. We’re headed into Autumn, but I believe Yesterday was the official last day of summer.  We’re still in the 90’s, but it won’t be long before we’re complaining  about the cold weather. Lol That’s ok tho, now starts the baking, sewing, painting, all the indoor things you can think of time.  Right down to a fire roaring in the fireplace, a good movie on TV, and curled up under a toasty lap quilt.

Well, my plants seem to be surviving me so far.  I moved the majority of them out to the patio and even tho I worried about the drastic heat change, they’re just fine.   We’ll be moving the shelving unit further under the patio so there will be a little more protection from the cold.  Any really low temperatures and I will bring them indoors.

Sharks Tooth  

That’s name of this one, it’s not like a prickly cactus, though it can poke you. Lol

Baby’s Fingers is the name of this one, I like the unusual looks of many of the plants.

String of Buttons

Here’s another one  I find fun and interesting.  “String of Buttons”.

( any name corrections I welcome)

Have a good week guys.

2 thoughts on “Fall’s Almost Here

  1. Hi Candi,
    nice to read you. Beautifuls photo’s of your plants. Arie, my husband is also growing succulents and cactusses. But our climate is much colder than yours, therefore it is more difficult to grow them , but vey addictive! Many hugs from Switzerland.

  2. I never even knew the names of those, but I do see that final one in shops around here, too. I think it’s the rest of the world that changes seasons on the first. I believe we change on the equinoxes (Sept. 23 this year) and solstices. It’s an odd dichotomy – like our measuring systems. =) It’s good to see you posting!

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