Meals In A Jar

You know? I don’t know how many times I’ve said hey, I’m back, so this time I won’t say that. =) I’ve been bouncing around doing  different things, from quilting to making Meals In A Jar.  Both for food storage and to use.  We tried a couple of them last night, I only made a partial recipe of both to see if we liked them. It would be terrible to put up quite a few jars and find we don’t like them. Lol. One I’m going to tweak and the other was pretty good.  I’ll be posting about them as soon as I can remember how to do a link in here. Lol  Thank goodness for my friend Susan, she’s my tech and I don’t know what I’d do with out her, and that’s in more ways than one. I want to be sure the site where the recipe is from gets their credit.  Anyway, I hope to talk at you all later.  Have a great evening, morning or wherever you are right now.  (It’s 7:30 pm here in Northern California)


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